December 5, 2015

Christmas & New Year’s Eve in Tokyo


If you happen to be in Tokyo for the end of the year, so many things has to be discovered during that time.



The capital of Japan shows its magnificence for Christmas with thousands of illuminations throughout the city. Tokyo becomes magical and will amaze you on so many different levels. To admire the Christmas illuminations, I would recommend you to go to some important places. Here are the famous locations where the lights displays worth to be seen :

-Yebisu Garden Place

-Marunouchi Illumination (not far from Tokyo Station)

-Roppongi Midtown

-Shinjuku Terrace (near South Exit of the Station)


-Tokyo Dome

-Odaiba Island


This season is not only about Christmas but also New Year celebration (“Shogatsu” in Japanese).

Japan being the birthplace for fireworks, you won’t be disappointed about the NYE scene in Tokyo. Fireworks will happen in Tokyo Bay and you would be able to see them from any higher point in the city (like Roppongi Hills, Tokyo Tower, Bay area etc.).

Also one the japanese tradition called “Hatsumode” is to visit a temple/shrine after midnight. Most of people visit them until January 1st evening.

However if you are looking for a more westernized NYE event, Tokyo has still a lot to offer in terms of Countdown Parties in clubs. You could check online (TimeOut website is very useful) where to be for these events.


Finally on January 2nd, Ippan Sanga Festival is taking place in Emperial Palace of Tokyo. The emperor is making a public appearance to wish a happy new year to his citizens and it is also the only time you will be able to visit the inner parts of the Emperial Palace. Make sure to stroll around the gardens and the palace since most of the shops will be closed during that period.

Hope you will all enjoy your stay in Tokyo for the last holidays of the year.