September 17, 2015

Tourist Information

Wifi spot


Wifi is always available in any subway, station and cafe, etc. Tokyo Metro station offers free WIFI. And free smartphone apps are very helpful finding a free WIFI spot.

Travel Japan WIFI app

Japan Connected-free Wi-Fi

Seven Eleven 7spot             


Pocket WIFI

Most famous paid wifi service would be the one available at Narita or Haneda airport. You can visit the website and reserve before your arrival.


Starbucks offers free wifi in anytime. You can login with your SNS account.

Seven Eleven convenient stores also have access to wifi.


Japan guide Very useful info!!!

Free wifi in Japan

Japan magazin

Coin locker maps

Shinjuku Coin Locker

Google map

Short Distance travel



If you are looking to cycle in Tokyo, here are a few options:

-you could try a Tokyo Bike tour with a small group of people and different aeras to cover

(more informations on

-you could also rent a bike from , they have English speaking staff.

Day trips

Here is a list of day trips you could make while you’re in Tokyo


-you can make a tour of few spots around Mount Fuji (Kawaguchiko Station aera) which will allow you to have great views (



-it is a famous spot for hot springs, beautiful national park and also great views of Mount Fuji (website for a day trip pass to Hakone



-nice town not far from Central Tokyo with beautiful park, nice shrines and temples and a botanical garden (more informations on



-it is a small city filled with historic temples and traditional houses. You can also see the great Buddha statue and some sand beaches not really far from Tokyo.

(from Shinjuku station, you can take the Shonan Shinjuku Line towards Zushi and stop at Kamakura station)



-East Tokyo is home to Disneyland so for a day trip to Mickey world, you could stop there and enjoy DisneySea (Tokyo exclusive theme park) and the Main land.

(for more information, you can check their website

Long Distance travel



Shinkansen is a high speed train that will take you anywhere in Japan.

You can purchase the tickets in any big stations such as Shinjuku, Tokyo, Ueno at the JR counter.

Or you can purchase a JR Pass online before you get to Japan (7 or 14 days long) that will allow unlimited ride within the JR company railways (Shinkansen included).


If you are looking for an alternative option from expensive Shinkansen, you can also use the express buses.

I would recommend the Willer Express company which has English speaking staff and operates all over Japan. (Here is their website :

The departure location is in the Sumitomo Building, B1 floor near Shinjuku West Exit bus terminal.

Another tip : if you plan to visit more than one city within 2 months, you should consider the Japan Bus Pass which actually works with Willer Express routes over 3 or 5 days (all explanations and purchase on


Tokyo has 2 major airports : Haneda & Narita.

Directions to Narita Airport from Shinjuku station : take the Narita express, or you can take the limousine bus at Shinjuku West exit (count 90 mins travel time,

As for Haneda Airport, the easiest from Shinjuku Station would be the bus as well from the same company at West exit. (all the infos are in the same website above)

City Transportation

Tokyo has one of the biggest transportation network that will take you anywhere you want.

There are two main companies operating this giant network : Tokyo Subway and JR. To have access to both of the networks, you can purchase a Suica or Passmo card at any stations and charge it as much as you need. Another option would be unlimited day pass but only for one of the networks.

JR has one the most useful line : the Yamanote line, a circle line around city center which stops at the main tourist attractions. However Tokyo subway can be a better and more direct alternative for a specific location.

To help you with the network, you can use this app : Tokyo Lite Rail Map.

Trains operates from 5:30AM to Midnight (it varies depending on lines).

Cheap shopping


In Tokyo, shopping activity is very important and that is why there is so much to cover about it. Even if listing of all the great stores would be an endless task, we can still give you tips about cheap shopping in the city.

If you are looking for very low-priced souvenirs or useful items, you should definitely visit one of the 100 yens shops (like Daiso, Can-do, Lawson 100 yens…), there are a lot of them in Tokyo. One famous store is Donquijote (there is a big one in Shinjuku), with its 5 floors, you can find almost anything 24 hours (Adress : Japan, Tokyo, Shinjuku, Kabukicho, 1 Chome 第17東京ビル).

Finally, if you are interested by outlet stores, you should go to Venus Fort in Odaiba. Located in this shopping oriented island, Venus Fort is an outlet mall with a Rome inspired deco that will remind you of Las Vegas hotels. You can also walk around Odaiba Island and shop around the many malls with tax refund shops. (Location : Daiba Station on the Yurikamome Line, you can transfer to this line at Shiodome Station).

For those who want to explore shopping neighborhoods, you can just stroll around in Shibuya (teenage fashion), Shinjuku (mainstream stores), Harajuku (unique urban and teenage clothing), Akihabara (geek and manga oriented) and Ginza (high luxury brands).

Seasonal event



Cherry Blossom (Late March-Mid April)

Tsukiji Shishi Matsuri Festival (Mid June)



Sumida River Fireworks (July)

Asakusa Samba Carnival (last week of August)

Obon Odori Dance Festival in Hibiya Park (last weekend of August)



Tokyo Grand Tea Ceremony (Early October)

Fall Evening Illumination at Rikugien Gardens (Late November-Mid December)



Hatsumode at Temple (December 31st)

New Year’s Fire Review (Early January)

For more information and more events, please visit this website :

Easy Japanese phrase


Good morning —-> Ohayo gozaimasu

Good afternoon —-> Konnichiwa

Good evening —-> Konbanwa

Please —-> Kudasai

Can I have this please? —-> Kore o kudasai.

Thank you —-> Arigatou (gozaimasu)

Your welcome  —-> Dou itashimashite.

Where is X ? —-> X wa doko desu ka?

Where are the toilets / the nearest hospital / police station? —->  Toire / Byoin / Koban wa

doko desu ka?

How much is it? —->Kore wa ikura desu ka?

Excuse-me (to catch waiter or salesman attention) —-> Sumimasen

Do you speak English? —-> Eigo o hanasemasu ka?