Honan Hill

Common Use

7 bed room


1 kitchen

1 bathroom

Getting Around

5min from Honancho Station on Marunouchi line
12min from Sasazuka station
15min from Daitabashi station


The house is located in 12min walk away from Sasazuka station and 15min walk from Daitabashi station on Keio line. within 15min walk, there are Donki hote, Supermarket, DIY shop, and so on. Buses from Honancho go to Koenji, Nakano, Shinjuku directly so its very convenient to go around Tokyo.

Monthly Roomchage

from 45,000yen!


Room 1

7 mats, flooring, garden

Room 2

6 mats, tatami, 1 mat storage, garden

Room 3

4.5 mats, tatami, 1 mat storage

Room 4

10 mats, tatami, 1mat storage, half matstage

Room 5

6 mats, tatami, 1mat storage, buildt-in bed space

Room 6

6 mats, flooring, sink, toilet,

Room 7

4.5 mats, tatami, 1 mat storage, toilet,


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