Nishihara House

Common Use

6 bed room

1 kitchen

1 bathroom

Getting Around

7min Hatagaya
7min Hatsudai
12min Yoyogi Uehara
13min Yoyogi Hachiman
15min Yoyogi Koen


Yoyogi Uehara is famous for high-class and cozy cafe, restaurant, fashion shops. It is also famous for celebrity living town and a lot of unique free standing houses are found in this area.

Hatsudai and Hatagaya has a nice atmosphere which is slightly similar to Shimokitazawa since you can walk or cycle there in 15min. Shopping streets are convenient and active every day and local people are friendly and inviting.

Monthly Roomchage

from 51,000yen!


Room 1

6 mats, flooring, 1 mat storage

Room 2

7 mats, flooring

Room 3

5 mats, flooring

Photos and More
Room 4

6 mats, flooring, 1mat starage

Room 5

10 mats, tatami, 1mat storage, balcony

Room 6

10 mats, tatami, 1mat storage, balcony


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