Sasa Panda

Common Use

5 bed room

1 kitchen

1 bathroom

Getting Around

1min from Sasazuka station
15min from Shimokitazawa station
15min from Yoyoi Uehara Station


Shimokitazawa has a lot of attractions such as Music, Drama, Movie, Gallery and so on. There are lot of bars, restaurants and cafes. This town is one of the most popular and unique features in Japan and many of foreigners and Japanese gather all the time.

Sasazuka is bit smaller than Shimokitazawa but they have same atmosphere since close each other. Sasazuka is more residential and have more quiet part in residential area although shopping streets nearby are always active and very convenient.

Monthly Roomchage

from 51,000yen!


Room 1

6 mats, flooring

Room 2

7 mats, flooring, 1 mat storage

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Room 3

4.5 mats, tatami, half mat storage

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Room 4

6 mats, tatami, 1mat storage, balcony

Room 5

7 mats, carpet, 1mat storage

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