Yotsuya Sofia

Common Use

7 bed room

1 kitchen

2 bathroom

Getting Around

( walk )
yotsuya 3 chome station — 4min
yotsuya station — 11min
Shinjuku Gyoen 5min!!!

( train )
akasaka mitsuke 5min
tokyo 15min
shinjuku 3min


Yotsuya and Yotsuya 3 chome where the stations have, big shopping are Atre, Small Izakaya street, Sofia University, embassies, and so on. Very international and historically important place.

Monthly Roomchage

from 56,000yen!


Room 1

6 mats, tatami, 1 mat storage, garden access

Room 2

4.5 mat tatami, 1 mat storage

Photos and more
Room 3

7 mats, flooring, built-in shelves

Photos and more
Room 4

10 mats, flooring, 3 built-in closet, balcony,

Room 5

5 mats, flooringi, 1mat storage, balcony

Room 6

5 mats, tatami, storage, balcony

Photos and More
Room 7

8 mats, tatami, 1mat storage


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