Are your coming to Tokyo for work? Are you in Tokyo for living? We offer one of the cheapest accommodation in Central Tokyo, such as Shinjuku, Nakano, Koenji, and Shimokitazawa. Feel free to come view the room and settle your life in convenient area.

Our houses


Are you already residing in Tokyo and looking for accommodation? We have the cheapest and the most convenient private room.


We can take you to the house and show you the room before you reserve the room. Please feel free to contact us at to set up appointment. We also give you useful information for your commuting and traveling so feel free to ask!

Easy to Pay

Cheapest room fee is 45,000yen! Room Fee includes utilities such as internet, water, electricity and gas and no other fees!

Longer and cheaper

Often we offer campaign and discount not only to new comer but also to those who lives in our house long. Live together with your friend and get special offer!

Rooms Available!

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