Room 1
6 mats, flooring, 1 mat storage
Room 2
7 mats, flooring
Room 3
5 mats, flooring
Room 4
6 mats, flooring, 1mat starage
Room 5
10 mats, tatami, 1mat storage, balcony

Nakashin Riverside

Common Use
8 bed room 1 kitchen 1 bathroom
Getting Around
1min Nakano shimbashi station 12min Nakano Sakaue station 12min Shin Naknao station
Nakanoshimbashi is famous for Sumo wrestler and Comedians! Nice area with river and convenient access both Shibuya, Shinjuku and also Chuo line, like Nakano, Koenji, Ogikubo!
Monthly Roomchage
from 39,000yen!!!