August 12, 2016

Part time position available!

Working postion

(Part timeパートタイム)

[a] more than 4 days a week 4回以上/週 

[b] 3 hours a day 3時間以上/日 


(Full time フルタイム)

more than 4days a week 週4日以上


Shift cycle

Day  日勤:

8:00 – 19:00 (more than 3 hours if part-time パートタイムの場合はうち3時間以上)


Evening 夕勤:

16:00 – 1:00


Night 夜勤:

0:00 – 9:00


Time condition 勤務日程


Working on Sundays and Saturdays are necessary if working for 4 days a week as part-time position



Full time position is based on shift cycle.





Necessary condition 対象者


Living in 23 wards Central Tokyo. ex} Shinjuku, Shibuya, Suginami, Nakano, Setagaya




Living close to Tokyo



Business level English and Japanese



Reward 報酬など

Part-time, 1100yen/hour trial period 1000yen/hour

パートタイム 時給1100円 (試用期間あり:1000円/時間)


Full time, depending on skills trial period for 3 month

フルタイム 能力に応じる (試用期間3ヶ月)


Job contents 内容

1 Part-time position パートタイム

<Location 場所>

Several Accommodation around Shinjuku station



<3 hours working schedule3時間勤務の場合のモデルケース>

  1. Gouing around 巡回
    1. Room and apartment check 部屋の巡回、チェックアウト
    2. Strip off shits シーツの取り外し
  2. Cleaning 清掃
    1. Private room 個室
    2. Common Area 共有スペース(Toilet, Shower, Sinkトイレ、シャワー、シンク)
  3. Bedmaking ベッドメイキング( Putting sheets on. シーツの取り付けなど)
    1. Private room 個室(Single bed, bunk bed 二段ベッド)
    2. Private apartment プライベートアパート
  4. Washing洗濯
    1. Washing sheet, towels etc. Dry and Hung. シーツの洗濯、乾燥


<Skills 歓迎されるスキル>

Self-management 自己管理能力、Time-management タイムマネジメント、Caring other people and property 他人をケアすること

2 Full time position フルタイム


8 hours a day


Going around 1-3 sharehoues to clean and patrol by bicycle

1-3軒程度のシェアハウス巡回ならびに清掃 (移動は自転車)


Location 場所(都内23区)

Shinjuku, Suginami, Setagaya, Nakano



Cleaning and putting out trash 清掃、ゴミ出し等

Cleaning common area, Trash putting out (6-8 people living in long term), bathroom, toilet, kitchen.  



Room cleaning 部屋の清掃

Managing and Cleaning private room after people moving out or before moving in.



Maitenance メンテナンス

Fix, replace, and rearrange furniture, property etc. 壊れたり、不具合のある家具や器具等の修理。


Skills 歓迎されるスキル

Creative ideas to make sharehouse environment cooperative and facilitate to communicate with house mates each other.



Cleaning, DIY, basic knowledge of housekeeping



Toughness in mind and body



Please apply from here

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