Frequently Asked Questions

Please find your questions and our answers here about our Residence​.

Please find your questions and our answers here about our Residence​

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Making a Reservation

  1. You can contact us directly through our website, email us or just send us private message on our facebook page. Decide which room you want to reserve from our website, fill up the form and inform us your move-in date and the length of your stay.
  2. After that, you will be required to pay the reservation fee which is ¥50,000, this amount will be deducted from the initial move-in cost. And the rest of the payment can be paid on the day when you move-in.
  3. Up until your move-in day, we can discuss and take care of everything necessary online, so it is not a problem to apply from overseas.
Yes, we will send you a confirmation email as soon as we received your payment. This email will serve as your receipt and proof that your reservation is confirmed.
Rent and utility for the first month are calculated on a prorated basis from the day you move in. Only first month rent and 1 month deposit is required as the initial move-in cost. No Key money, No Agent fees, No contract fees.
There are three ways: bank transfer (domestic / international transfer), Paypal payment (with your Paypal account or credit card) or cash at our office in Nishi-shinjuku.
As soon as we received your payment, room will be reserved on your name and you can move-in on your preferred move-in date.
Minimum stay is three months for our guesthouses. If you plan to stay less than 3 months, that is possible but rent will be higher than the price we offer on our website. The longer you stay, the rent would be cheaper. We make 3 months contract at first. If you wish to extend, please inform us in advance, we might make some changes on your contract, but if you will only stay for 3-months fixed, you need to terminate your contract by giving us 30 days notice prior to your move-out date.
It is possible to do a room-viewing before moving in. Please send us your room-viewing request from the website of the house of your choice. It is necessary to arrange the room-viewing at least on the day before the viewing, so please apply a few days in advance. If you are in a hurry, please contact us via email or facebook.
Depends on the available room we have, some rooms are suitable for two people or couple but others only fits single person. If the room you requested fits for two, yes you can move-in with another person and extra utility fees will be applied.
We prefer our tenants to be in more or less the same age group so they can build closely tied communities and to be able to communicate and socialize actively. That is why we have an age limit from 18 to 40 years. It is possible to move-in as long as the person is a high-school graduate, or below 40 years old.
Our policy is a first-comes-first-serve rule, so there is a case that we cannot offer you the room of your first preference when we already have received the payment from another person. Though we can offer you another room and we are open to discuss with you your concerns and preferences.
If you cancel the reservation and already received a confirmation email from us, the reservation fee you paid will not be refunded. This is because we would like you to be more careful and considerate of you decision of moving in. Hope you could understand.

Moving-in, House Facilities:

Move-in is possible between 10:00 AM and 6:00 PM. Please inform us of your arrival time in advance so we can schedule someone to meet you at the house.
We can do the contract signing on the day you move-in or before you move-in, whenever you are in Tokyo. This can be done at the house or at our office in Nishi-shinjuku. At this time, you can bring the payment with you in cash to save up transaction fees from doing bank transfer.
Each room has its own key. Your room is private and only you have access to it so you can store your valuables inside and make sure to always lock when you leave.
All rooms we provide are fully-furnished and you can move-in with just your luggage. Furnitures and beddings are already provided. However, other consumable items and personal stuff for your daily use such as towels, shampoo, soap, toothbrush and laundry detergent should be provided by yourself, you can also buy them at a nearby store from the house. If you move to Japan from overseas, we suggest you to bring adapters for your chargers (PC etc.).

In each individual room, there is a bed and bedding, air conditioner (cooler and heater), electric fan, desk and chair, a storage box or closet for clothes, some rooms have bookshelves, a desk light, hanger racks with hangers and some rooms have balconies.

The common space is equipped with basic home appliances such as washing machine, refrigerator, microwave, rice cooker, water boiler and other kitchen utensils such as frying pans, pots and cutlery etc.

There is a hair dryer provided in the common space.

If you need to request something please let us know.

Some yes, Some not.
Yes, the house’ kitchen is spacious enough to cook or prepare your foods and equipped with necessary appliances. It has a gas stove, pans and pots that you can use. It can save you money from eating out. You can also bring your own kitchen cooking utensils for your own comfort. However. the kitchen is shared with other housemates so you are fully responsible for cleaning up after use and maintenance. Kitchen usage is NOT UNLIMITED to cooperate with other housemates.
Some of our guest houses have washing machine, others do not (please check our website for guest house’ details) and there is no extra charge when using it. There is a nearby coin laundry from the house if you need a dryer.
Depending on the house or room, there might be a garden, balcony or terrace to hang your laundry. In case there is no space to hang in there, we equip the house or room with either a drying rack or a hanger stand.
If you send your luggage to the house before you move-in, there is a chance that it cannot be delivered. Please arrange your luggage to be delivered after you move-in.

Living in the house, House Rules

Depends on the number of bedrooms in the house. Some houses have 7 bedrooms and some have 5. Therefore, only 5 to 7 people are sharing the house. Most of our tenants are foreigners, working and studying in Japan. We also have Japanese tenants in another house.
The deadline for a month’s rent is on every 25th of the month. You are welcome to pay in advance too. We prefer our tenants to pay the rent through bank transfer. If in case, you prefer other payment methods, please inform us in advance. Please note that the transaction fees have to be covered by the tenant.
Smoking in the room is strictly prohibited or anywhere in the house. If your room has balcony, you can smoke there but please have your own ashtray. Otherwise, you may smoke outside the house or in the smoking area (usually next to the vending machine). But please make sure to have your portable ashtray with you.
Yes you can have visitors in your room but extra guest fee will be applied for ¥1500 per night stay usually but the seasonal price will be added in busy season such as New year, Sakura season, Golden Week, Obon and so on. We can also provide extra bed if necessary. To have a guest or visitors, you need permission in advance so please make sure to contact us enough time IN ADVANCE.
Some houses have a parking space. Please check the house’s website for details. There is an additional ¥1000 per month if you want to use the parking space for your bicycle.
There is no cleaning service that takes care of the house cleaning or throwing away the garbage. Instead, rules are made among the housemates to cooperate with the cleaning. We ask all our tenants to cooperate in maintaining the cleanliness and orderliness of the house.
There is no curfew, so you can enter and leave the house at any time you like, as long as you do not disturb your housemates.
Regarding goods for your own use such as shampoo or laundry detergent, please buy them on your own. For other consumable goods that will be used by everyone (garbage bags, dish detergent, toilet paper, tissues etc.), usually each house collects 500-1000 yen from each housemate per month to buy it in a bulk. Please cooperate with your housemates in this matter.

Moving Out, Moving to Another House, Deposit Return

Please send us an official move-out notice at least 1 month or 30 days before your move-out date plan. And then you will receive a response from us for the final rent of your remaining days. Your move-out request will only be confirmed after we receive your final payment. Please note that if we receive your official move-out request less than 30 days, at least 30-day rent and utilities will be charged from the day you send us move-out notice, but you can still move out on your expected day. In case, you move out before the 3 months contract last, your deposit will be kept as a penalty and will not be refunded.
You can apply to any room as long as it is currently available or becomes available soon. There might be a price difference and service fees to be charged, so please contact us in advance about this matter.
Regarding returning deposit money, 15,000yen is minimum charge and we decide how much to reward after consideration of use of private and common space, living manner and attitude to other housemates and staff. It will be returned in a month.


Yes, we are! We have been active in this business field since 2011. We have a license to rent out rooms for Japanese and foreigners. We are a registered host on AIRBNB, Homeaway, Tripadvisor, Expedia and other accommodation websites.
If you use hotmail or livemail, there are some cases that you cannot receive emails from us because of the security settings of your email account. The message probably goes to your spam emails. Therefore, please refer to the link below to register our email addresses on your contact lists.
Regarding returning deposit money, 15,000yen is minimum charge and we decide how much to reward after consideration of use of private and common space, living manner and attitude to other housemates and staff. It will be returned in a month.